On Boarding - Guide to Clariti

Welcome to Clariti.io - first let's have a look at the app, this is the main screen:


The default will always be your current location, But you're most welcome to pick any location around the world and see how it effects the soundscape.

We highly recommend to stay on your local true location for best experience since the soundscapes are adjusted to your weather, time of day and location, but go ahead check it out anyway! 😉


The big spinning particle sphere is your PLAY/PAUSE button, and it will also reflect your chosen volume, layers (if any are selected), refresh status, and more.

  • Play/Pause with a mouse click or touch (mobile).
  • The number of particles indicates your current volume level (lower volume = fewer particles).
  • The default particles color is white but it will change to match the layer category you use, like Nature (green), Fire (red), Water (blue), and so on.
  • The Sphere animation is usually mild, except when a new soundscape is introduced (refresh), then the sphere will start spinning upwards until it's done crossfading into the new soundscape (every 4 minutes or so).

OUR LAYERS - additional optional natural SFX

When clicked, a sub menu will pop up the bottom of the screen, with all 6 categories to choose from. This layer can be played without the main sphere soundscape but most users like to mix it with the soundscape - it has it's own volume bar. Those are the sounds we offer on the Personal plan:

  1. Water - Rainy places, caves, underwater, rivers, oceans, etc.
  2. Fire - A fireplace, or an outside camping place, or burning wood.
  3. Nature - Forests, camping, birds, jungles, or bay shore fishing.
  4. Wind: chimes, bells, desert winds, blizzard storm, airplane cabin, or wind gusts.
  5. Urban: AC, trains, car rides, coffee place, heavy machinery.
  6. Binaural - sounds use two tones to influence brainwaves, aiming to enhance focus, relaxation, and sleep.


This is the section where you have the ability to adjust and manage the combination of all the different sound layers at your disposal. Here, you are in control of blending the Soundscape, Weather, and additional Layers to create a harmonious auditory experience. By utilizing this feature, you can fine-tune each element to your preference, allowing you to craft a customized audio environment tailored to your liking.


Set to ON by default (changed from the side menu), the weather sound feature adds a unique touch to your user experience. This innovative addition incorporates various weather sounds depending on the current weather conditions, including gentle rainfall, torrential rain, snowfall, strong winds, and approximately 16 other sound variations. The purpose behind this enhancement is to immerse you in a more realistic environment, offering a seamless transition between different weather atmospheres. By constantly adjusting the sound effects, it ensures that you remain engaged with your surroundings, creating an immersive and dynamic audio backdrop to complement your activities.

The weather is active since this location in experiencing a light rain condition in this moment.


The session timer allows you to take control and benefit even more from highly concentrated sessions. You set the time, Clariti will stop when it's time. Some people like to fall asleep like that, or set a time for work, study, or even for toddlers and kids when they have some time before bedtime to play. When the music stops, they know it's time to sleep.


You can always switch a language, from this list:

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