How do I request a refund on the appstore?

If you are an IOS user and have used any Apple checkout method, please follow these steps:

You’ll need to contact Apple directly with your refund request. Apple handles all billing and refund matters. For your privacy, Apple does not in any way allow us to request, process, or manage refunds from your App Store account.
You can request a refund by contacting Apple Customer Support here:

To submit your refund request, you will need:
Your Apple ID and password to log in;
The Apple purchase receipt (emailed to your Apple ID email address)
All refunds are subject to Apple’s terms & conditions, which can be found here:
There may be time restrictions on when refund requests can be made after the purchase date. The restrictions vary depending on the country or territory in which the purchase was made. We encourage you to review Apple’s terms & conditions and to submit your refund request within the applicable time frame.
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